Welcome to my wooden lodge construction website. As a manager of several countryside lodges based in various locations around the UK, I decided to create this plug and talk about how I have been able to build beautiful solid oak lodges that my guests just love.

Building a beautiful solid oak flooring lodge

One of the key aspects of any wooden lodge is the flooring, It is one of the first things that people subconscious take not of, it can be the difference between a pleasant or unpleasant stay in the countryside. A lodge with hardwood oak floors has a luxurious feel, that would be hard to obtained with any other type of wooden flooring. I should now, Or thank you percent of my holiday homes are fitted with this beautiful type of oak flooring.

solid oak flooring

The drawback cities in solid oak are that it is quite inexpensive material, therefore it important that you educate your guests before this day that they need to care for the Materials contained with in your lodge. This has been no problem with me because I have typically aimed for a higher price bracket, when I have found is that when people pay more to stay in any wooden lodge whatever the location, they tend to take better care of the flooring whether its laminate flooring or hardwood flooring.

My guests simply love solid oak flooring

In all of my lodges a position the feedback book, believe and not one of the most common compliments that I get is that people simply love my attention to detail and the solid oak furnishings and they have placed within the building. Solid oak flooring is one of the most often cited reasons for why people have enjoyed this day, of course I call and make the effort to make them feel welcome back once left alone people are free to explore and they really pay attention to how the building is furnished.

It is important when asking for higher prices as I do, let everything be perfect, that is why when hiring a flooring professional to actually fit out my wooden cabins, important employment very best people. I would urge anyone else who is considering opening a bed-and-breakfast or running any sort on holiday home to do the same, you’ll need to pay a little more print but the benefits will pay for themselves in the long run.